In today’s markets, goods are transported from one point to another using various methods, and our practice covers all aspects of multi-modal transportation. We specialize in virtually all methods of transportation – road, rail and water – and we understand the complex regulatory framework that divides the provincial and federal governments.

We offer extensive and comprehensive advice on:

Carriage of goods by road

  • Federal legislation regulating extra-provincial trucking
  • Provincial licensing of carriers
  • Powers and procedures of transport authorities
  • Duties and responsibilities of shipowners, charter operators and freight forwarders
  • Hazardous goods

Carriage of goods by rail

  • Contractual arrangements
  • Loss, damage or delay
  • Accommodation for goods
  • Connecting carriers

Carriage of goods by water

  • Loading, discharge and storage of goods
  • Responsibilities, liabilities, rights and immunities of carrier
  • Tariffs, rates and freight

Carriage of passengers

  • Personal Injuries
  • Baggage issues
  • Carrier’s liability